As an industry leader for over 20 years, The Express Group combines professional human resources with state of the art technology to provide excellent delivery service backed by efficient tracking, accurate pricing and detailed billing systems to Fortune 500 Companies.

Our Rates
Your Account Executive will create a rate sheet with your specific demands in mind. Where you deliver to, and how frequently, will determine how you can benefit from the most savings. Our rate proposal will make you happy, guaranteed.

Our Services
Our job is clear, our specialty is immediate Pick Up and Delivery of your time urgent documents or larger parcels. Whether it is a letter or a truck load, you may choose from a variety of services for the fastest or perhaps even the slowest and least expensive way to get it there.

Driver Team
Carefully selected and professionally trained, our team of uniformed messengers equipped with state of the art tracking and communication devices are available with cars, trucks, or motorcycles for quick pick up and delivery, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Office Staff
We are proud to have gathered together, a group of some of the most qualified individuals in the messenger and courier industry, to form a staff that will work for you with confidence, and earn your trust for years to come.